KICKSTARTING "The Culture High" fundraiser!

Kelowna film maker Adam Scorgie is at it again, partnering with Kickstarter in order to gap financing the follow up film to his critically acclaimed "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High" titled "The Culture High" 

Kickstarter video: - http://kck.st/LFLjsH

$25 a head to get in and there will be complementary beer & wine for those who paid the entry fee also along with NHL Jerseys and regular season game tickets to be raffled off.

Come join us in setting a Canadian record on Kickstarter with "Kick-starting The Culture High" and be a part of bringing a local film makers next film to life.

Hope to see you there

Adam Scorgie, the very talented documentary film producer of "The Union, The Business Behing Getting High" and the upcoming documentary sequal "The Culture High", just signed a contract to be the new face for UHR-KRAFT Canada! What a fabulous team. 

Adam Scorgie is once again partnering up with BKS Crew Productions, who together brought you the award winning film “The Union: The Business Behind Getting High”. This talented trio is joining forces to produce the highly anticipated follow-up to their cult classic success, titled “The Culture High”. For the first time ever, the audience can have a direct influence in just how wide of a theatrical release the film receives.

ScoreG and BKS Crew will also be launching a campaign with the website Kickstarter.com on Wednesday, June 20. Kickstarter uses a newer method of financing called crowd funding to try and hit their theatrical financing gap of $175,000. If they achieve their goal they will get “The Culture High” screened in over 100 theatres in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK!

Check back on Wednesday for a link to the Kickstarter Campaign!

You may have heard of local talent Adam Scorgie. He's the guy behind the movies:

The Union - The Business of Getting High
Ice Guardians

And he's at it again! We are so excited to share with you what Adam is cooking up next....but we can't just yet so stay tuned!