Like many of the world’s most renowned designers, Richard and Sandra Matte did not come from the element of fashion.

As many before him, his skill was that of a craftsman, with a deep appreciation for the precision, quality and artistry required to perform his trade.   It was while working for the Hrescak family business, a world renowned gear manufacturer, that Richard Matte was first exposed to what he saw as the beautiful artistry required to manufacture aviation gear components. The handcrafted, sleek, light metal, with the durability to withstand the weight of a plane, was truly art at it’s finest. It took the inspiration and creative union with Sandra Hrescak to make Richard’s twenty-year dream of sharing this hidden beauty with the world a reality.  What was born was GYRstyle. A nod of appreciation to the birthplace, quality, and design of the work of art crafted today. Each piece is handcrafted from the manufacturing of metals, to assembly; resulting in a unique custom creation for every individual- no two are exactly alike.
GYRstyle, the hottest new handbag line of 2012 has just launched a very sexy new website that totally reflects their cutting edge style. GYRstyle combines creative practicality and imagination, to form designs that function as bold examples of daring fashion and inspired style.

 So who better to represent this brand then the exotically beautiful rising starlette Rosette Luve? We think they look great on eachother, what do you think?